Besides reviewing for journals and conferences and participating in the organization of research workshops and conferences, I have done various other services to the research and academic community; some are listed below, including taking part in various committees and establishing student labs.


  • CPS Lab @ UiO – Proposal writing and Manager since 2016 of the CPS lab for Cyber-Physical Systems (together with several groups and researchers from UiO including Frank Eliassen, Josef Noll, Olaf Owe, etc.). See videos about some of the work done in the lab on the Youtube channel.
  • Security Lab @ UiO – Proposal writing and Manager since 2016 of the Security lab (together with Audun Jøsang).
  • Isabelle Tutorial Week in the CPS Lab in 2019 for teaching how to Verify Safety of Cyber Physical Systems and many other aspects of systems like security or correctness.


  • Part of final PhD evaluation committees for:
    • Xiaojie Zhu (2021) at UiO (supervisers Roman Vitenberg, Erman Ayday, Frank Eliassen);
    • Ling Shi (2019) at UiO (supervisers Dumitru Roman, Aren Berre from SINTEF).
  • Part of multiple committees for “mid-term PhD student evaluation” at UiO.
  • Part of multiple committees for “final MSc thesis evaluation” at Norwegian institutions.
  • Part of multiple committees for “evaluation of hiring on PhD and Post-doc positions” at UiO.
  • Member in ACM SIGPLAN and SIGLOG.
  • Member in IEEE and IEEE Smart Grid group.
  • Member in the “Scandinavian Logic Society” (ASL).
  • Member in the “Internet Society” (ISOC), part of the Norwegian chapter.
  • Member in “Free Software Foundation Europe” part of the Oslo branch.