Research project in which I had a major role.

  • IoTSecSecurity in IoT for Smart Grids (funded by NFR IKTPLUS call, for 2015–2020)
    I was coordinating, together with Prof. J. Noll. Budget ca. 32 Mil. NOK, for 5 years. Partners include UiO, Norwegian Computing Centre (NR), Simula Laboratories, NTNU@Gjøvik, Smart Innovation Norway, eSmart Systems, Fredrikstad Energi, EB Nett, Movation.
  • SCOTTSecure COnnected Trustable Things (funded as Innovation Action (IA) by Horizon 2020 Joint Undertaking call ECSEL-2016-2-IA-two-stage: Key Applications and Essential Technologies)
    I was, together with Prof. J. Noll, coordinating the Norwegian partners (5 companies and 2 universities). Budget ca. 34.1 Mil.Euro (asking ca. 14 Mil.Euto), for 3 years. Norwegian budget is ca. 3.8 Mil.Euro. Consortium of 52+ partners from 12+ countries. We were also Technology Coordinators for the overall work in the project. I have been involved in the core team that wrote the project, together with the Austrian overall coordinator.
  • Gemini centre on IoT (collaboration centre between SINTEF, NTNU, UiO; for 2017–2020)
    I wrote the application together with Arnor Solberg from SINTEF (Ketil Stølen has later taken over the role of Arnor after he moved to TellU IoT). I was part of the coordination of UiO and now taken over the same role for NTNU.
  • RailCons – Automated Methods and Tools for Consistency of Railway Designs (funded by NFR “Industrial PhD” call, for 2015–2018)
    I was Coordinator for IFI-UiO, with Railcomplete AS the industry partner and official overall coordinator (I wrote the project together with Claus Feyling and Bjørnar Luteberget from Railcomplete). Budget ca. 4 Mil. NOK, for 3 years. External collaborators included Swansea (UK), Oldenburg (DE), Chalmers (SE), Oxford (UK), BaneNOR (NO), Norconsult (NO).
  • MeasurEGridMeasurable Security and Privacy for Services on Smart Electricity Grid (funded by NFR “Industrial PhD” call, for 2016–2019)
    I was Coordinator, together with Prof. J. Noll, for IFI-UiO, with sSmart Systems AS the industry partner (Dr. Davide Roverso). Budget ca. 1.5 Mil. NOK, for 3 years.
  • Partnership on Security and Safety for Cyber-Physical Systems (funded by NFR INTPART program, for 2018–2021)
    This was a networking project between Norway-France-Germany with founding partners being: UiO, NR, CRISP TU Darmstadt (DE), ENSICAEN (FR), Ecole Politechnique (FR).
  • TOCSA – Threat Ontologies for CyberSecurity Analytics (funded by NFR “Industrial PhD” call, for 2016–2020)

Projects that I worked in: